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We love the tech industry and we want to help people get started and find the right job for them. For this, we provide affordable online courses that can fully equip people in their job search and potential interviews for a position.

7+ years of experience in cyber security
Taught over 5K+ students
Worked at top companies such as Robinhood, Citi, Booz Allen, Cisco, & McAfee.

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Who trusted GMIT and took our online courses


Five-star reviews

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Students community

With a Discord support group to share notes, tips and advice with each other

The History of GetMeInTech

Here’s the journey of GMIT so far and its mission for the future. Since 2017, we teach you the right skills to be prepared for tomorrow.

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Our Goal At GMIT

GetMeInTech is an online learning resource with the mission to help people who have graduated from tech-related degrees or people who wish to make a career transition get all the relevant skills to land a dream job. We aim to not only teach you technical skills of the industry, but also soft skills such as building a CV, a LinkedIn profile and preparing for a successful interview or negotiating a salary that suits your position and skills. It’s great to do what you love and get paid fairly for it!

Why Use GMIT

Because we are experts in the field and can provide you with all the tools and background knowledge in order to make it in the tech industry. With our courses, you can earn all those skills easily at your own pace, and take the final step in your job-hunting process. It’s always best to be prepared and confident before an important interview.

Our Core Principles

Focus on Impact

We are only dedicated to teaching you and having a positive impact on your future.

Move Fast

It’s important to take steady but fast steps when it comes to the tech industry. With short courses, you will be more than prepared and ready to enter the job market.

Be open

We like to hear your feedback, opinion and questions. We embrace diversity and love to be honest about what we do!

Thrive for results

It’s all about the journey. But let’s not stray from the target as well. Our courses guarantee you will have adequate skills to thrive in an interview and land a new job.

Be collaborative

Working together makes things easier. We are here to support you and collaborate in order to complete courses. You will also have access to a Discord group with other students to help you out and share thoughts.


Above all, we value trust. Our students’ testimonials can prove that GMIT is a top learning resource, worthy of your time and investments.

What Others Are Saying About GMIT

Find testimonials from students who trusted us and took our online courses to start their career in the tech industry:

"Which as a result doubled my income "

What can I say GETMEINTECH really made the path to getting into cybersecurity clear and guided. Being able to see all the useful information without any added fluff, allowed me to have a targeted approach when studying and ultimately was a key reference that I used to obtain a Security Analyst role. Which as a result doubled my income and has set me on a path to not only change my life but those around me.

Tyrone Boyd
GMIT Student

"This course has been amazing"

This course has been amazing, I am brand new to the entire IT field and after taking this course I definitely feel more comfortable.  I love that this course had hands-on practice including note-taking and real-world examples as well.  This course taught me what to look for in my device and also how to troubleshoot and critically think. This is the perfect stepping stone for beginners or anyone looking for an in-depth refresher of information.

Shukura Martin
GMIT Student

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